Under the supervision of Swedish director Pe Holmquist Starting documentary filmmaking training course



Media Development Center at Birzeit University launched a training course in documentary filmmaking led by the Swedish director Pe Holmquist , who directed many documentaries in different parts of the world , and his films won many awards , He is also one of the most important trainers in this domain in the world.
The training material includes theoretical and practical training  material that covers the foundations of the production of documentary films .the workshop includes principles of filming and types of documentary films , the relationship between the director and the work team , stages of production and research , content treatment and script writing , directing and rules of cinematic language , technical processing , mixing and editing.
The Director of Media Development Center Nibal Thawabteh said : "The course aims at providing professional training in the field of documentary films on both sides; media and technical , at the end of this training course, it is expected to have six produced documentaries with high level and impact that are produced inside the MDCs studio that is fully equipped with cameras and control room ,to produce professional  reports and documentaries.

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