“TV news reporting” training course wrapped up on Gaza



The Media development center, on 12/12/2013  concluded specialized training in TV news reporting , led by the journalist Lana Shaheen ,  who is a correspondent for the Arab satellite Al- Mayadeen , the trainees were number of new satellite television correspondents , and media professionals interested in the development of their capabilities in this area .
The  training , which lasted for ten consecutive days over ( 60 hours of training )  varied between the theoretical concepts of television work , and production of practical television reports on topics of political and societal and cultural variety .
The  22 trainees were trained on  media terminology of  visual production , and were briefed on ways to capture the idea of the television report , and the search for the details , and determine the organizational structure to accomplish the mission .
The trainers who  were 10 women , and 12 men  were trained  on how to stand in front of the camera , deliver a capturing opening and build logical report, as well as the conclusion of the report in the form of a professional stand , and  on  how to write for the picture and  how to conduct interviews , and the types of television footage , and  they also has identified a set of guidelines for the montage .
At the conclusion of the training , the trainer screened the trainees work that they produced on the practical training , and made a series of observations on the practical components of the report along with  style and language of the reporter .

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