The conclusion of a training course on Media terminology use



The Media Development Center at Birzeit University , on January 4, 2014 ,concluded a training course on the use of terms  in Media , which was attended by 18 journalists of workers in Media in various Palestinian organizations in West Bank .
The course which lasted three days , was conducted by , Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi , which stemmed out of  the urgent need of  journalists for skills and deep knowledge of the rules of media language and terminology , in order to recognize the seriousness of influence of common mistakes on the practice , and the risk of  outsider terminology , politically and legally , in light of the communication revolution that we live in and  that is reflected in the multiplicity of forms of media , especially media outlets accompanied by various styles of modern technology.
The aim of the training course is  pointing at the importance of  forming a concept that controls  the  terminology  chaos  in the Palestinian and Arab media, which sometimes carry the contents of an intellectual and specific language of deception and deliberate indications, as terms space between the professional and the opposite in many cases .
It was recommended by participants at the conclusion of this training ,  an advanced training course to complement this preliminary training , out  of the importance of the unification of  Palestinian terms away from  impurities and the need to direct them  to create independence while supporting  the Palestinian rights  politically and legally .
The training session was wrapped up  with the distribution of certificates on the participants.

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