The Swedish Consul visiting Media Development Center



The Consul General Axel Wernhoff, accompanied by Political consul Johanna Strmquist and Development Cooperation Consul Maria Bendel and executive Assistant Ms. Hoyda , visited Birzeit University today , where they met with the University president Dr. Khalil Hindi and vice president of development and communication , Dr. Ghassan Khatib.

Talks during the meeting were on higher education in Palestine and the achievements of the university , as well as future plans for the development of education on the basis of a professionalism to ensure the quality of education and solve the faced economic crisis in addition to enabling graduates to get jobs through blending training programs with academic years through special agreements with major companies and institutions.

The guests toured at the university , accompanied by Director of the MDC , Mrs. Nibal Thawabteh, they visited the units and sections of the new building of the Centre and was briefed on the training rooms Along with radio and television studios .

The crew of the MDC provided explanation of activities and services provided by the center, the debate took place between center staff and the guest Swedish delegation also about the National Media strategy adopted by the MDC ; and that the center is working currently to set up with more than 40 partners in dealing with the area of legislation and ethics of the profession and the media and curricula of association and protection of the infrastructure of media in Palestine .

A documentary film produced by the MDC during the trainings of the center was displayed during the meeting , this film is one of the 3 films that received awards at the festival "Witness on creativity".

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