Three films produced by the Media Development Center / University of Birzeit Win three out of five awards at the Festival (witness on creativity)



Three documentary films  that has been produced during the training  sessions of the Media Development Center / University of Birzeit ; won three awards out of five in the festival witness on creativity , organized by  Journalists without limits institution in cooperation with Palestinian universities that  teaches media and AL-Falistiniah TV channel which broadcasted all films that were done by young directors and Media students .

The winning documentaries produced by the MDC courses are:

-A Letter from Jerusalem, directed by Mohammed Abu Sneineh ; the film tells the story of a family in Jerusalem forced to demolish their  house by the  father and sons so that they  do not have to pay the wages of the demolition to the Israeli municipality and to avoid  being arrested .

-Duha Tales, directed by Mohammed Sawwaf and Mohamed El Baz , the film captures details and views about the impact of the aggressive war  on  Gaza Strip in 2008, on the behavior of children.

-The Key, directed by Mohammed al-Haj Ahmed, a film of expressive symbolism that speaks about the right of return and the Palestinians commitment  to this right, generation after generation .

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