February Feature - Asma Marzouq


Asma-MarzouqAsma Marzouq at the studio in Monte Carlo Doualiya- France

Asma Marzouq (21) is one of the many Journalism students at the Birzeit University. She is up to finish her last semester of the Bachelor in Broadcasting and Television production.
Asma joined a lot of courses organized by the MDC. Next to that, she writes articles about social issues for the MDCs newspaper Al-Hal since one year.

Asma also joined the Monte Carlo Doualiya Internship. This yearly internship is provided by the MDC in collaboration with the French Consulate. She had to pass the selection procedure, and the MDC chose her as the student who will benefit the most from this internship. The decisive factor was Asmas radio investigation about the political arrests of Palestinian journalists.
She spent two weeks in Paris for a media training at Monte Carlo Doualiya radio station, but Asma said that she learned so much it felt like a two months internship: It was a rich experience. I learned a lot from people on the radio station, and I learned to deal with the situations and circumstances I have been through.

The second day of her internship the Monte Carlo Doualiya radio station decided to let Asma host a radio program, which was very special since it never happened before.
During the training period Asma also prepared several radio materials.

Asma previously trained at many local radio stations, but at Monte Carlo Doualiya I had a really special experience, she said with a smile on her face. The staff was so kind. They always obliged me and learned me new things in news editing, interviewing, and presenting radio programs. I really improved my presentation skills, and I learned to be more flexible and dare to ask questions.
But the most important thing that struck.

Asma was the spontaneity on air; this is what distinguishes Monte Carlo from other radio stations: Its so great about this radio station that the broadcasters react spontaneously and natural on air. This makes the radio program captivating for the audience.
Monte Carlo Doualiya was very pleased about the internship as well. They were very positive about Asma skills and described her as an amazing journalist.

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