During the year of 2013, MDC will implement a new project "Women Speaking".



Currently, the Birzeit University Media Development Center signed an finance agreement with the Heinrich Boll Foundation about the project "Women Speaking" which will be implemented during the year 2013 in order to empower Palestinian women, especially journalists and womens rights activists, by increasing their skills qualification in a highly professional manner concerning:

-mass communication;

-direct speech;


-issuing press releases;

-deal with emergency situations;

-their knowledge in presenting themselves in the media;

-analysing and criticising articles.

Also, as a part of the strategic partnership agreement and existing cooperation between the Media Development Center and the Heinrich Boll Foundation, the radio program Cup of Tea will be produced. This radio program will be broadcasted by 13 local partner radio stations and encompasses 24 episodes bringing up gender issues by giving information and using social comedy.

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