French delegation from Toulouse Municipality visiting the MDC



On April 25th 2012, the MDC welcomed a French delegation from Toulouse Municipality, led by Mrs. Vincentella de Comarmond, Deputy Mayor in charge of Culture, and comprising Mr. Pierre Lacaze, Municipality Counsellor in charge of cultural heritage, Mrs. GisŤle TeuliŤres, Director of International Affairs Office of the Municipality, Mrs. Inas de Brion, Project Officer at the International Affairs Office of the Municipality, Mrs. Julie Giraud, Project Officer at the Cultural Development Office of the Municipality, Mr. Jean-Louis Dufour, Director of the School for Audiovisual Studies (ESAV) in the University of Toulouse II, and Mr. David Mozziconacci, Director of Studies at the Fine Arts School of Toulouse.

This visit was organized in the framework of the cooperation between both municipalities of Toulouse and Ramallah, with the aim to develop further its ďcultural engineering component, as it is a key partnership for ToulouseĒ according to the Deputy Mayor of Toulouse.

Dr. Munir Qazzaz, Vice-President for Community Outreach of Birzeit University, introduced the Universityís Community Outreach activities and warmly praised the delegationís initiative. As the very first meeting with Birzeit University, the delegation from Toulouse Municipality emphasized its strong willingness to take concrete steps in establishing common projects in the field of Audiovisual, Cinema and Culture together with the MDC and to a larger extent with Birzeit University.

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