Videos from Social Media and the Occupation


Ramsey george at Social Media and the Occupation
Guest speakers addressed the issue of social media related to the Israeli occupation at the event Social Media and the Occupation hosted by the Media Development Center (MDC) and Palestinian and American Research Center (PARC) on November 3rd.
Watch excepts from two of the days talks.

Ramsey George - using technology for change
Ramsey George, an American-Palestinian, is currently based in Jordan, where he is the cofounder of the website, which grants Arab youth a forum for an open debate. Ramsey works with communities around the Middle East where he conducts training and supports projects to help empower rights advocates in using technology effectively for change.  Ramseys particular interest is in using new media as an outlet of expression, a space for critical conversations, and organizing collective actions.

"Facebook is cool because there is people behind it, not because it's a cool technology," Ramsey George

VIDEO:Social Media and the Occupation - Ramsey George

Nejla Kayed - Palestinian blogger and 'tweep'
Nejla Kayed is an architecture student at Birziet University at the moment finishing her 3rd year. She has been a blogger for 4 year and tweep for 2. In contrary to many Palestinian bloggers and tweeps she writes mainly in Arabic.

We talked online, we did events online, we were active online it was important to get to know other activists to also shape your own opinion and get a take on how to use your voice and reach more people, Nejla Kayed

VIDEO: Social Media and the Occupation - Nejla Kayed

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