مركز RNTC يفتح المجال لتقديم طلب الحصول على منح تدريبية في هولندا


At RNTC Media Training Centre, we offer the opportunity for media-makers from restrictive settings to apply for a Nuffic scholarship and attend one of our courses, starting March and June 2022. We expect all courses to be in-person again, in the Netherlands.

We are happy to announce that we opened new scholarship opportunities to media-makers from the following countries to apply: 


Bangladesh Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Colombia DR Congo Egypt Ethiopia Ghana Guatemala Guinea Iraq Jordan Kenya Lebanon Liberia Mali Mozambique Myanmar Niger Nigeria Palestine Territories Rwanda Senegal Sierra Leone Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sudan Suriname Tanzania Tunisia Uganda Vietnam Yemen Zambia

We are reaching out to you as you are based or active in one of the countries listed above, and we hope you might be interested in helping us spread the word about our scholarship opportunities.

Digital Media to Counter Disinformation - starts 13 June 2022

This course provides practical tools to combat disinformation, and increase outreach in media.

Digital Media to Counter Hate speech - starts 13 June 2022
This course provides all the tools you need to counter hate speech and polarisation online by developing alternate narratives.


Media Campaigns for Social Change - starts 7 March 2022

This course demonstrates how to develop traditional and online campaigns that inspire change

Media Campaigns for Advocacy - starts 7 March 2022

This course trains you to build campaigns that leverage the media and amplify advocacy efforts.

Digital Media Creation - starts 13 June 2022
This intensive course will help you develop engaging multimedia content for broadcast and the web.



For more information and guidelines about the registration and application process, please visit website:
  OKP Scholarship Programme

Deadline 26 October, 2021
For frequently asked questions, have a look at 

scholarships FAQ


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