November Feature: Ola Albargouthi


Ola Albargouti

Ola Albargouthi (1991) is a exemplary  and highly ambitious student at the Media Development Center. Albargouthi is from Kober, a village near Ramallah. She is currently finishing the last semester of her BA in Journalism at Birzeit University where she studies broadcasting and television production. Additionally she writes for the Media Development Centers newspaper Al-Hal about social issues.

Why did you decide to become a journalist?
I think that choosing media came naturally for my personality because  it is an exciting work field and I like to learn about peoples lives either through words, sound or pictures. To me interaction with people who thinks differently, who come from different conditions and diverse cultural backgrounds and environments  bring inspiration. For me people every single person in your life presents a package of experiences and through these experiences grants you the lens which you see the world through. I find that people is the best source to learn new things and think in different ways.

What do you do?
At the moment I am working on a documentary called Hanin which is about a Bedouin girl who lives in a tent and studies at Birzeit University. Its about the mix between these two different lives.

I am also involved with a project called A Friend for Each Patient which supports the Thalassemia patiens. We organize trips for them and are making a movie about it.

What are your goals for the future?
My hopes for the future are many and it seems to me sometimes that I want one million things. I hope to work in film production and through that affect people's lives leaving them optimistic about changing their lives.

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