EVENT: Social Media and the Occupation


The Media Development Center (MDC) at Birzeit University and the Palestinian and American Research Center (PARC) invite you to the seminar:

Social Media and the Occupation

November 3rd, 2011 12.00-15.00

Birzeit University, Womens Studies Institute, room 101

Social media has become an integrated part of the everyday life, not least in the Arab world. Throughout the year, the Arab uprising have showed us how social media can be used for advocacy, mobilization and activism but social media can also be used by the authorities to monitor and block attempts of protests. Please join us for a seminar and discussion on the role of social media in occupied Palestine.

The MDC and PARC are honored to host DUKE professor Rebecca Stein to speak about her current studies on the ways the Israeli state, government and military, uses social media as a political tool in the context of the military occupation:

Additional speakers are:

We hope to see you for an interesting talk and discussion


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