Completion of the Magazine-Editing course at the MDC



SEPTEMBER 26, 2011: After 30 hours of intense training, the course on Magazine Production finished ?Saturday 24th September . The course focused on new and more effective methods in magazine production including more conscious and disciplined planning of content. During the course, the trainees worked in groups and involved both theory as well as practice.

Many of the trainees were skeptical at first, but quickly everyone saw that the methods were helpful, said Swedish trainer, Susanna Skarrie, who conducted the course.

Skarrie has 30 years of experience as a journalist specialized in the area of magazine production.  It was the sixth time she led a course at the MDC, and Skarrie was impressed with the level and commitment of the participants.

The trainees were very ambitious. For some of them, they spend up to four hours getting here. Also, they were eager to learn and develop new skills and werent afraid to question and engage in discussions. Thats why I keep coming back, said Skarrie.

The course had 14 participants and was carried out from September 19, to September 24, 2011.

Skarrie is the founder, publisher and chief editor of the Swedish magazine Hem & Hyra (Home & Rent, ed.) which consist of a print run of 540.000 copies monthly.

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