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Villages Voices - Compact Disc



Media Development Center “MDC” at Birzeit University, with collaboration of Heinrch Boll Foundation present:

Villages Voices

A radio program of 19 episodes about the situation of  different Palestinian villages .

This work was implemented in partnership with twelve local radio stations in West Bank  which are  following:




Palestinian Public Broadcasting Corporation- Ramallah
Al-Balad Radio station- Jenin
Kol-Alnas Radio Station- Tulkarem
Bethlehem 2000 Radio station- Bethlehem
Tarek Al-Mahabeh Radio Station- Nablus
Radio Amwaj- Ramallah
Radio Al-Qamar- Jericho
Radio Marah-Hebron
Radio Al-Horiya- Hebron
Radio Al-najah voice- Nablu
Birziet University Radio station- Birziet
Radio Mazaj Ramallah

Sound Effects From Palestine - Compact Disc

mo2seratIdea of Aref Hijjawi and Ismael El-Barghouthi.
Supervision and implementation: Ismael El-Barghouthi.
This production has 52 soundtrack from the palestinian daily life.







Interviews and dialogue management for the news.

moqabalatPreparation, collection: Emad Alasfar.
Editing: Juman Qunis.
Graphics: Issam Ahmed.
This book provides the most important skills that must be owned by the interviewer to conduct a successful interview.










The Key


Author: Dr. Johnny Mansour
Press Review: Walid Al-Omari.
Editing: Juman Qunis.
Format: Carol Caspary.
In this book an explanation of the terms and vocabulary of Hebrew in the Israeli media, collected during the follow-up news and Israeli newspapers which helps to understand those terms.