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TV Unit

The TV Unit at the Media Development Center at Birzeit University offer training courses focusing on:

  • Documentary film making

  • TV reporting in general

  • TV news reporting

  • Camera and lighting

  • Video editing

  • Sound mixing

The TV Unit has since 2000 trained hundreds of mid-career TV journalists, technical workers and members of civic organizations in order to encourage the development of a strong and independent Palestinian TV industry. Every year the TV Unit hosts between 10 -12 training courses and workshops focusing on improving the editorial and technical skills of journalists.

TV is the most popular media outlet in Palestine and is the main access for news for two thirds of the Palestinians (Internews survey of Palestinian media 2006). With a continuously increasing access to global media the demand for high quality production of national TV content in Palestine is increasing.

In Palestine, many television stations are old-fashioned, and suffer from lack of equipment and lack of training.
The TV Unit at the Media Development Center support these TV stations in leading their outlets into a modern and professional standard by providing them in-house training courses and workshops. The hope is for these television stations to join a new era in the Palestinian media where quality and professionalism are the main aspects for broadcasting. The goal is to have qualified managers, editorial staff and technical crews who can present Palestine to the world at a high, world-class television standard.