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Media Research Unit

The newly-established Media Research Unit (MRU) at Birzeit University’s Media Development Center builds up on the tradition of research and publication long practiced at MDC and derives from the long-standing commitment of BZU towards research as a compass for the future Palestine.

Since it was first established in 1996, MDC believed in fostering a culture of research as a work priority. The center has carried out research projects and published books on a yearly basis. On July 1st 2011, MRU was formally established to coordinate and add to these efforts.
The mission of MRU is to promote, facilitate and conduct rigorous research on a range of topics related to media in Palestine. To do so, it is a priority for MRU to strengthen the “research infrastructure” available for media scholars and researchers including providing access to online resources and scholarly journals. The MRU also offers professional guidance through peer-reviewing and scholarly supervision and by developing how-to manuals covering the various research methods and best practices on media research.

MRU will also contribute to the actual knowledge-making on media through leading and participating in national, regional and international research projects, publishing a yearly peer-reviewed journal on Palestinian media, and coordinating for an annual conference on the topic.

By doing so, the MRU will develop constitute the first Palestinian media studies Think Tank, which will contribute to and elevate the quality of media development efforts.