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Our Services

Media education and lifelong learning

Technical and theoretical trainings for mid-career journalists and media professionals
Professional certification in TV, radio, print, social media, and online journalism
Curriculum and academic program development for Palestinian faculties of journalism
Providing facilities and trainers pool to undergraduate journalism students



In-house media capacity building

Workshops on marketing and management for executives in media outlets (radio stations…)
Technical training on documentary film for media outlets (news agencies, etc.)
Training in quality assurance measures for media staff in public institutions
Workshops on digital diplomacy and social media for media staff in public institutions


Media production

Model-based production of ideal journalism through Al-Hal newspaper
Production of series of radio programs through BZU Radio
Production of TV series of investigative reporting on socio-economic issues
Production of multimedia products (audio CDs, training manuals, etc.)


Media awareness and literacy

Awareness-raising workshops on digital media, gender and youth issues in the media
Developing media literacy program to teach the youth to be critical media receivers
Producing journalism codes of conduct manual and communication posters
Launching media tools and bidding for projects related to citizen journalism


Media research, advocacy and policy support

Publication of yearly journal and policy papers on media policy, law and sociology
Conducting research and monitor all media-related legislation and its enforcement
Drafting national media strategy and laws guarantying press freedom and ethics
Organization of seminars and workshops on media policy and law reform