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Our facilities

The MDC's current premises comprise:


  • 4 media training rooms with a capacity of 25 participants
  • TV studio equipped with cameras, lighting, tripods and microphones
  • 1 TV control room
  • 1 TV editing room
  • 2 radio studios
  • 3 radio editing rooms

The MDC office in Gaza

Our Gaza Office is also equipped to deliver trainings to journalists in its main training hall (25 people capacity) or in its smaller technical training room equipped with 10 mobile workstations, and materials such as TV cameras, tripods, recorders, etc.


MDC's new premises
The rapid expansion of the MDC which has developed into a full-fledged institute with five units in the fields of Radio, Print/New Media, TV, Academic Program, and Media Research, has made it necessary to acquire new premises. A new 5-floor building is therefor currently under construction to welcome all MDC's staff by the end of 2012.


Our new premises will for instance comprise:

TV Unit

  • 2 TV studios of 150m2
  • 6 TV editing rooms
  • 1 TV storage room
  • 1 TV control room
  • 2 classrooms of 50m2
  • 1 training hall of 120m2
  • 1 lounge 

Radio Unit

  • 5 radio studios (2 of 50 m2 and 3 of 30m2
  • 5 radio editing rooms
  • 2 classrooms of 50m2
  • 1 training hall of 120m2
  • 1 library of 120m2
  • 1 storage of 50m2
  • 1 lounge

New Media Unit

  • 1 training hall of 80m2
  • 1 editing room of 50m2