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Radio Unit

The Radio Unit holds all necessary equipment for courses in radio broadcasting.
Courses include e.g.:

  • Basic radio journalism skills
  • Voice control
  • Audio editing
  • Producing feature stories and documentaries for radio

Radio is the second most popular media outlet in Palestine, making it of vital importance that radio journalists are competent and their skills are continuously improved. But many Palestinian radio stations suffer from lack of equipment, and lack of training which is reflected in the quality of the programs of the stations.


The Radio Unit has held hundreds of training courses and workshops to improve technical skills as well as audio/visual production and broadcasting proficiency for journalists and members of civic organizations.

Also, website services of Palestinian radio outlets is often minimal if even existing at all. Recognising this problem, the Radio Unit has assisted in in-house training courses and workshops with the focus of leading the radio stations into a modern world of media.

Radio Birzeit
The Radio Unit also consist of its own radio broadcast service called Radio Birzeit.

Listen to Radio Birzeit