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  • Mission
    Founded in 1996, the Media Development Center aims at facilitating a professional and independent media landscape in Palestine in order to enhance and sustain a participatory, inclusive and democratic society.
  • Goal
    Our main objective is therefore to empower journalists, develop local media, and influence Palestinian decision-makers by co-drafting media laws to ensure press freedom and ethics.
  • Vision
    With our four units specializing in the fields of Radio, TV, Press/New Media, and Media Research, we provide media advocacy services, studies, and mid-career training for media professionals and outlets.

"Welcome" from the MDC director

Nibal Thawabteh has been the director of the Media Development Center and the editor in chief of the Al Hal newspaper since 2008. With more than 10 years of experience as a media profesional in Palestine, her goal for the MDC is to be a front runner in 'developing the skills of journalists in the West Bank and Gaze in order to achieve a free, independent and modern media in Palestine'.

Feature of the Month

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